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12 Days of Christmas -Gift Guide for Dancers

The holiday season is upon us!  My trees are up, yes yes I know it is before Thanksgiving and we need to “celebrate one holiday at a time” but I’m gonna be real with you.  I’m a studio owner mom of 3 kids.  I had one chance to get my house decorated and that one chance as when I was putting Halloween away!  Sooooooo, I have been in the Christmas spirit for a few weeks now and I know a lot of you are too.  Every year I hear the same question from moms in my studio lobby, “what do I get my dancer?”  Well, I got your back dance mama!  Here is a list of 12 great gifts to give your dancer.  Whether your kiddo is young, old, beginner, advanced, boy or girl there is something for your dancer on this list!

Dancer gift graphic
  1. Bella Bunny – This has to be my number one gift idea…I wrote the book!  All kidding aside, Bella Bunny is a body-positive children book that inspires kids to love the skin they are in, stand up to bullies and be brave.  What is a better gift than that? You can purchase Bella Bunny on my website, at my studio or on Amazon.

  2. Bloch Slippers – These slippers are great in the colder months to help keep your dancer’s feet and ankles warm.  They are also great to slip on over dance shoes while making a quick escape to and from the car. 

  3. Let’s Play Ballet  If you have a little ballerina you need this book.  It’s a fun way for your dancer to learn how to practice at home and it is so beautifully illustrated that your dancer will WANT to practice!  Did I mention my friend and fellow studio owner Neisha Hernandez wrote it? She also wrote another book, Shine, all about how to help your daughter reach her goals. Put that on YOUR holiday wish list!

  4. Foam roller – Your older dancer is going to have some sore muscles or aches and pains.  A foam roller helps to loosen up those sore, tight muscles and can help them recover faster.  

  5. Yoga Mat– Your dancer does not need to be stretching or working out on a dirty, cold floor.  With a yoga mat, she can get a workout anywhere!

  6. Yoga block– This a great tool for a beginner through advanced dancer with so many uses.  A yoga block helps to fill space between your dancer and floor which can help advance flexibility and maintain stability.

  7. Some Dudes Dance Tee There is not much I need to say about this gift.  It pretty much sells itself.  It rocks, that is all. 

  8. Lacrosse balls– This seems like a weird one, but stay with me.  Lacrosse balls, when used under a teacher’s guidance by an intermediate to advanced dancer, can help speed recovery, increase in mobility, aide in injury prevention, and advance healing.

  9. Balance board – For intermediate and advanced dancers only, please!  When used under the guidance of an experienced teacher a balance board is a great tool to help with core strength and joint stability.

  10. Hair bun kit– There is nothing better than a perfectly put together ballet bun!  Your dancer can keep this cute kit in her dance bag so she will always be ready.

  11. Apolla Shocks These. Are. Cool.  They are definitely NOT ordinary socks. Dancers’ bodies need special care and these socks can help keep their bodies safe.  They give extra support and compression where dancers need it.  Not only are they supportive and can help prevent injuries but they can also help with rest and recovery.  If your dancer enjoys going to conventions, spending hours dancing on concrete ballroom floors then these socks are a must!

  12. Doll personalized to look like your dancer in costume! – I just can’t with this gift!  How cute is this?!?!?!  The options are endless and I am pretty you will find this under my tree for my little dancer.  Shhh don’t tell her!  

Well, that’s my 12 days of Christmas Dancer Gift Guide I hope it gives you some great option for the dancers in your life.

PS…dance teachers would love these gifts too!

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