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The Top 5 Reasons I Love My Competition Dance Moms

These days dance moms, specifically competitive dance moms, have gotten a bad rap. My dance moms are awesome, and I am sure I am not the only studio owner who has great dance moms. This is just a short list… The top 5 reasons why I love my ECPAC competitive dance moms!

1. If a dancer needs lashes, shoes, hair ties someone always jumps in to help. Need help with hair, costume malfunction, forget shoes? Everyone has each others back! More importantly I know my daughter has a ton of strong, smart, good women to look up to.

2. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to work with their kids! Marketing research shows moms (in general) are making the daily decisions on how and where to spend their money and what activities their kiddos participate in. If it was not for dance moms choosing the studio, choosing MY studio, I would not be in business!

3. A few years ago my family suffered a huge loss. To show their support the moms made and dropped off dinners for my family every night for 3 weeks! There are not enough words to express my gratitude for there love and support of my family.

4. A large portion of my dance moms are working moms. They are balancing work, home, dance classes and activities for non-dancing kids! I have moms who use their lunch hours to pick up from school and drop at dance; moms who survive on very little sleep; moms who spend hours away from their families fundraising just so their kids can do what they love. I have so much respect for how hard they work.

5. They try so hard to help their kids. They ask great, honest questions of what they can do to help their dancer. They sign up for solos, they bring them to conventions, masterclasses, extra classes. They do all this simply because they want to help their dancers be successful.

I am sure many of you out there can put a negative spin on my list. I am not going to touch those negatives with a 10 foot pole (or ballet barre). There is already too much negativity swirling in our dance world, thanks to “reality tv”, so I am choosing to keep it postive!

To all my dance moms, competitive or not, THANK YOU! Thank you for allowing me to work with your kids. You are giving me the gift of living out my lifelong dream! I could not be who or what I am without you!

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