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For The Love Of Dance

East County Performing Arts Center has a successful competition team of close to 100 kids. It hasn’t always been this way. Our dancers and teachers have really worked hard to advance, grow and be innovative. In the early days, of high silvers, it was easy to stay focused on attitude, energy, and fun.

As I have been watching our program advance I have noticed some of the joy sometimes gets replaced by a desire to win. Winning is great! Working towards a goal is great! Having a competitive spirit is wonderful when balanced by the joy to participate. I want my dancers to perform simply because they love it. To help remind them, I had rubber bracelets made that say FOR THE LOVE OF DANCE. This weekend at the competition, each dancer got one to keep and one to give to another dancer, from another studio, that they do not know. Not only did my students love getting the bracelet but they loved giving it to the other dancers. Hopefully, this could be a trend that catches on.

We could all use a little more joy in our lives…sometimes a little rubber bracelet is all we need to remember where to find it. #fortheloveofdance

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