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Don’t ask me to push your kid.

Wheather your child chooses to dance, study karate, play baseball or piano, coaches and teachers hear the same thing from parents.

As a concern: “I just want my child to be pushed”

As a complaint: “She’s not being pushed”

There is nothing positive that comes from the word “push”.  Think about that for a second.  What do you push?  You push something heavy that doesn’t want to move.  Like a car that doesn’t run, or a person off a cliff.  You push something that doesn’t want to move or something that can’t move.

If your child was ready or willing to advance she would.  We as coaches and teachers should not need to push.  We layout a challenging path for success for your child based on our knowledge, training, and expertise.  From there it is up to your child to choose whether or not he is going to make the choice to follow the path we have laid out.  And remember, challenging your child doesn’t always look the same from the experts as it does to a parent. Your coaches and teachers have dedicated a lifetime of learning to their field and know things that you do not.

It’s a hard job to be a proactive parent, we know you want what is best for your child.  It’s hard to let go enough to let your child advance on her own.  But her advancement is totally out of your control, no pushing is going to make it happen any faster.

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