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Dance Moms

Many times I have walked through the studio and I hear everyone talking about the show Dance Moms!  I too am obsessed with the show!  Last year I was asked to audition for the next season of the show.  My first thought was NO WAY!  But then I talked with the casting director and he told me they were open to taking the next season in a new direction and were open to many different types of studios.  So I agreed to see where the journey led.

I went through a few interviews and my competition parents were asked to submit applications.  I thought each step along in the process was going to be the last; with each call, email and interview my dancers were getting more and more excited about the thought of being on TV!

I was shocked when I was asked to give an interview with one of the directors.

The interview started out fine.  Everything was going well and then the director asked me, tell me about your studio’s SUPERSTARS?

I said, I think the superstar is the kid in the back of the room struggling, fighting for every ounce of talent she will have and never giving up. If you want to talk about who wins everytime, everywhere we go, we can talk about that too.  But that’s not what makes a superstar.

He said, “Oh Miss Nina, you don’t really belive that!”

At that point I knew the journey was over.

I told him that yes I did believe that, that was what my studio stood for, that was the core of our beliefs.  After that the interview quickly wrapped up and I never heard from them again.

This experience is something that I can look back on and laugh.  It was fun and exciting, a little sensational!  I think the experience made me realize that even with the “fame carrot” dangling in front of me I stayed true to my beliefs and true to what my students and their families would be proud of.  I take being a good role model very seriously and I want to make sure all my families can be proud of where they dance.

On to the next adventure!

Dancingly yours,

Miss Nina

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