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Soccer is coming to an end and it is time to sign up for another activity to keep our kiddos busy!  Choosing dance classes can make a huge, positive, lifelong impact on your child.  We are very fortunate, in our small city there are multiple studios to choose from and they are all great!

Here are some of the life lessons your child will learn from our local studios:

Dance is one of the only after-school activity that nurtures athleticism and artistry.

Dance is hard and as your child progresses it gets harder, staying with it will teach your child grit, which is a bit of a lost value in today’s world and something our kids need more of.  To learn more about grit check out Angela Duckworth’s Ted Talk, it’s brilliant!

When something is hard and a child gains mastery they become confident.

The benefits are not just abstract touchy feely benefits; there is real science behind the benefits of dance classes.

  1. Dance is the only activity that can dramatically improve overall cognitive function.

  2. Dance lessons teach sequential learning, helping your child process sequences of information or actions.

  3. Dance opens neural pathways in your child’s brain helping them process new information and preparing their brains for school.

Enrolling your child in dance classes can actually help advance their brain function!

A common misconception is all dance studios are interested in are trophies and making professional dancers.  This is just not the case.  We are not all about winning trophies, we started our studios because we want to make an impact on kids because we love dance, we want to share to share that love and give back.  As studio owners and as teachers we gained so much from our dance-life lessons from our studios, it is our turn to share that love with the next generation of dancers!

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