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Baby and Preschool Dance Classes

Dance teachers and studio owners if you don’t already know, classes for dancers 5 and under are the most important classes in your studio.  These dancers will make or break the future of your school.  I talk to a lot of studio owners around the country and this is what I hear as the challenges associated with classes for our youngest dancers.

  1.  Problem: The “best” teachers don’t want to teach the babies. Many times our most educated and experienced teachers only want to work with older or advanced dancers. Solution:  Having an easy to follow, easy to integrate program so the experienced teachers have a step by step road map to be successful or you can hire a less experienced teacher with confidence knowing you are giving them and the dancers a roadmap to success.

  2. Problem: The classes are too hard. It is difficult for a trained dancer to think back to when they were a beginning student and remember what they worked on in class.  The goals for these younger classes should be to build foundations, love of dance, and gross motor skills… not pirouettes or time steps. Solution:  Setting standards, guidelines, and progressions that are age and ability appropriate.

  3. Problem: The classes are out of control. Parents do not want to pay for a class that looks like a free for all.  They want gentle structure and the class to flow in an organized manner. Solution:  Most behavior issues stem from little dancers being bored or disengaged; the solution is a curriculum that keeps the dancers engaged and interested in the class.

Who has time to sit down and write out all these standards, lesson plans, and curriculum?  As a studio owner or teacher, you have a million things on your plate and maybe putting off bringing some structure to your young children’s program.  This also means you might be ignoring a vital program for healthy growth of your studio.

I can help!  I have done the work for you!  I have fun and exciting themed curriculum that will keep your dancers engaged, set your teachers up for success and grow your program; teacher-tested, dancer and mommy approved for 15 years!

You can purchase a done-for-you preschool dance curriculum RIGHT HERE!  You get 11 months of themed classes, themed playlists and monthly activity sheets for your dancers to bring the learning home with them for $99!

Get your copy of my Boogie Babies Dance Curriculum today!

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