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5 Ways Dance Classes Build a Child’s Confidence

  1. Dance isn’t easy, it can be quite challenging, especially for a beginner.  But when a child is encouraged and coached through practice and he or she masters what was challenging their confidence grows; so does their pride in the hard work they committed to.

  2. It feels good to move and stretch.  When children are physically active they have a better chance of growing up valuing fitness and how they feel when they exercise.  When we physically feel good we respect ourselves more, treat ourselves better and make healthy decisions.

  3. Dance is the only extracurricular activity that’s a sport and an art.  Not only is it physically fulfilling but emotionally fulfilling too! Dancers can tell stories and express many different emotions.  Dance also releases dopamine to your brain so even if you had a bad day before the class you feel great when you are done!

  4. Dance is a great way to connect with other like-minded kids, which means your child has an entire class filled with new bffs!  The dance studio becomes a second home for many dancers, it’s a safe place where they feel comfortable and they can be themselves.  Not only is it a great place for kids to connect but parents too!

  5. Dance studios are filled with wonderful role models for your kids!  From older more advanced dancers to the teachers, the receptionist and the studio owner, your child will have many positive role models to look up to and all of them are invested in seeing your child’s confidence grow!  

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