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Hi!  I'm Nina

As a mom of 3 and a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur I know what it's like to struggle with everything from finances to time management.  I grew up in my businesses and can honestly say I'm a graduate of the school of hard knocks!


As the leader of East County Performing Arts Center, East County Children's Musical Theater, Bella Bunny LLC, and The Ballet Company of East County, East County Performing Arts Foundation and Boogie Babies Dance Curriculum I have had the opportunity to develop successful businesses that are not only profitable but have given me time to pursue other passions.  Writing Bella Bunny is definitely one of those passion projects.  Bella Bunny is  a body-positive story that takes place in a dance studio, its such an important story for young kids to hear.  My hope is the self love kids will learn from Bella will stay with them as they grow.


Above all I am committed to making a positive impact on my community and on the families my companies serve.  


I love sharing my knowledge with other businesses so they, in turn, can make their own positive impacts on their communities.  

How can I help you make your impact!

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